Texas Beef

Coming from the rib portion of the cow, the ribeye is full of marbling and flavor. Being a tender cut, ribeye is best for high heat cooking methods.
Taken from the rib portion of the cow, with the bone removed, ribeye is tender and flavorful. High heat cooking methods work great with the boneless ribeye.
Cut from the smaller end of the tenderloin, filet mignon is one of the tenderest cuts of beef you can buy. Filet mignon is best enjoyed pan seared.
Cut from the short loin behind the ribs, the NY strip steak is tender and flavorful. It is great on the grill or pan-seared and finished in the oven.
Located on the front shoulder, the Denver steak is rich and full of flavor. Denver steak is tender and best pan-seared or grilled.
Flat iron steak comes from the shoulder (top blade) of the cow. It is tender and perfect on the grill.
Similar to the NY strip, the KC steak is cut from the loin, but also has a small portion of bone and fat attached. It is best for pan-searing or grilling methods.
Cut from the upper shoulder of the cow, chuck eye steak has great flavor and contains a portion of the ribeye. It can be cooked with high and low heat cooking methods.
Cut from the bottom tip of the sirloin, tri-tip has great marbling and flavor. Tri-tip is built for the grill and marinating.
Located on the rear leg of the cow, round steak is lean and typically sliced thin. It is perfect for slow cooking methods such as braising and chicken fried steak.
Located in the lower neck and upper shoulder, chuck roasts make for tender and juicy pot roasts. It is best cooked in a slow cooker or oven braised.
Ground from the chuck cut of meat, hamburger ranges in fat content. Best pan-fried and grilled, hamburger is a great staple in many recipes.
Cut from the front shoulder or “chuck”, stew meat is the perfect addition or any hearty soup, stew or chili. Pressure cooking or slow cooking methods are perfect for this cut of beef.

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