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B&M Belew Farms is located in northern Runnels County and was established in 2006 after the founders, Bill Belew and Megan Mayer, got married.

Bill is a Winters, TX native and has been farming his whole life. Megan grew up on a cattle ranch in Sutton County in Sonora, TX. After they were blessed with three children Charles, Corley, and Minnie, it truly became a family journey in running a full farming and cattle operation.

Their love and passion for cattle were jump-started when their kids began showing steers. They slowly started adding commercial cattle to the already busy farming operation, and as the business continued to grow, so did their love and passion for the cattle operation.

The Angus Influenced cattle are born and stay on the Belew place until they go to the processor. They are grain-fed with quality ingredients grown right on the farm.

B&M Belew Farms sell their beef by the half and whole and offer customized cuts of meat to suit any palate. The beef is aged for 21 days to create maximum quality and flavor.

Retail Locations

J&T Hardware
Winters, Texas
Refrigerated Beef
The Crossing Travel Market
Winters, Texas
Belew Beef Burgers Made In-House
Grogan's Farm & Ranch
San Angelo, Texas
Refrigerated Beef


Bringing family farm to your table

We are open

Monday to Friday
8:00AM - 4:00PM

Winters, Texas

We bought B&M beef and our family is enjoying it frequently! This is some great beef!
J. Black

I did some FFA meat judging back in the day & Belews Beef marbling is fantastic!

B. Owens
Quality beef at a great price! Thank you for filling my freezer!
B. Davis
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