Farm To Table

The Process

We take our beef production process seriously in order to produce the best quality and best tasting beef. Because we are a family-run company, we are there, hands-on, every step of the way to make certain our cattle are raised properly and processed correctly.
From conception to table, it takes around 18-22 months. Our cattle are born and raised on our farm, and the first time they leave is when they are taken to the processor.

Our cattle are fed at least 180 days before they are processed. They are grain-fed and eat feed that we grow ourselves right here on our farm.
We sell our beef by the halves and by the whole—processing to delivery averages to about 30 Days. We age our beef at least 21 days to ensure maximum flavor and improved texture. You choose how you want your beef processed. We have a cut list that lets you customize exactly what you want to receive to best fit your needs.
We offer free delivery within a 100-mile radius of Winters, Texas, and deliver it to you ourselves.

We know ordering beef for the first time can be confusing, so we are here to help walk you through the process, from filling out the order form to delivering right to your door. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you might have!

B&M Values

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