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Family Owned and Operated in Runnels County

B&M Belew Farms is located in Northern Runnels County and was established in 2006 after the founders, Bill Belew and Megan Mayer, got married.

Bill is a Winters, TX native and has been farming his whole life. Megan grew up on a cattle ranch in Sutton County in Sonora, TX. After they were blessed with three children Charles, Corley, and Minnie, it truly became a family journey in running a full farming and cattle operation.

Since 2006 in Northern Runnels County

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Aged for 21 days to create maximum Quality, Tenderness and Flavor


We take our beef production process seriously in order to produce the best quality and best tasting beef. Because we are a family-run company, we are there, hands-on, every step of the way to make certain our cattle are raised properly and processed correctly.

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Frequently Asked Questions
You will receive anywhere from 60-75% of your hanging weight in meat. The amount of beef you get back depends on several factors. Some of those factors are based on your processing choices. For example, the weight will differ if you choose bone-in versus boneless cuts. Some of the factors are also based on each animal’s individual characteristics, as they will all have varying amounts of muscle, fat, and bone.
We raise Angus and Angus cross cattle. Angus beef provides a superior marbling effect in our beef, making it juicier and tenderer than other breeds.
We age our beef for at least 21 days to ensure the best quality. This process allows the meat’s natural enzymes to break down and cause the beef to have an improved texture and better flavor.
The cattle are only fed what we can grow here on our farm. They have a corn-based diet, with the balance being cottonseed hulls, silage, oats, and whole cotton seeds. There are no antibiotics, hormones, or steroids. We take great care to make sure your quality beef is being fed with quality ingredients.
Our cattle are fed at least 180 days before they are processed, ensuring they’ve had plenty of growth and nutrients before processing.

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Belew Beef Burgers Made In-House
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